Board of Directors 2019/2020

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Officers 2018-2019
President Ken George
Vice President Jon Bonnell
Treasurer Joe Gruberman
Secretary Stephen Nebgen
Past President Stephen Brain
Advisory Committee Chair Harry Tate
Member-at-Large Mike Kucharo
Advisors Matthew Earl Jones
Phillip Bradstock
Roberta Livesay
Dick Foreman
General Board of Directors
Arizona Production Association Mike Kucharo
Judy Moore
Chambers of Commerce/
Convention Bureaus
Shelli Hall
Digital Media Ken George
Alan Gershenfeld
Financial/Management Stephen Brain
Independent Filmmakers Joe Gruberman
Tony Severe
SAG-AFTRA Rodd Wolff
Studios Randy Murray
Jon Bonnell
Talent Agents Deborah Maddox (L.O.A.)
Teamsters Denton Hanna
Hal Gibson
Additional Board Members Don Livesay (retiring)
Harry Tate
Levy Antal (L.O.A.)
Stephen Nebgen
Jeff Becker