HB2660 (Multimedia Production Incentive) has been assigned to the Ways and Means Committee.  ASAP Call and Email House Representatives Debbie Lesko 602-926-5413, dlesko@azleg.gov  and Andy Tobin 602-926-5172, atobin@azleg.gov and ask that the bill be placed on the agenda. Explain why this Arizona Jobs Bill is important to you and ask for their support. If either of the Representatives are from your district please let them know you are a constituent and ask them to please support the bill. If they are not your district’s Representative, tell them how important HB2660 is to you and your family and ask them to support this Arizona jobs bill. For Ways and Means Committee member information, log onto:  www.azfilmandmedia.org.

                House of Representatives – Ways and Means Committee

 Name                                                  Email                                   Phone                  

Cardenas, Mark                                      mcardenas@azleg.gov       (602) 926-3014

Gallego, Ruben                                       rgallego@azleg.gov            (602) 926-3042

Kwasman, Adam – Vice Chair            akwasman@azleg.gov       (602) 926-5939    

Lesko, Debbie -  Chair                          dlesko@azleg.gov               (602) 926-5413  

Mesnard, Javen “J.D.”                         jmesnard@azleg.gov          (602) 926-4481

Olson, Justin                                           jolson@azleg.gov                (602) 926-5288          

Petersen, Warren                                   wpetersen@azleg.gov        (602) 926-4136

Wheeler, Bruce                                       bwheeler@azleg.gov          (602) 926-3300        

Announcing the new Multimedia Production Incentive bill

AFMC is proud to announce the 2014 Multimedia Production Incentive Bill (HB 2660) has been introduced at the state capitol.

Our Primary Sponsor is Representative Barton. Additional Prime Sponsors include: Representatives Alston, Miranda, Shope, Steele, Senators Meza, Pancrazi, and Tovar. Co-Sponsors include: Representatives Clinco, Coleman, Gabaldon, Mach, McCune Davis, Mendez, Meyer and Sherwood.

HB 2660 has been crafted to support existing Arizona businesses, resident film workers and generate revenue for our state. Many hours have been spent discussing the adverse issues from prior year’s attempts for legislation and acceptable limits, conditions and criteria for this newly proposed bill. 

We want to acknowledge those legislators and staff members, Governor’s staff members, board members and our newly hired lobbyist firm The Gutier Group for their expressed thoughts, questions, concerns, and opinions, to favorably assist in the construction of a viable bill for 2014. 

Listed are brief highlights of the bipartisan bill HB 2660:

  • This program is to be administered within the Governor’s Office
  • An application fee will be assessed to assist in generating funds for a revenue neutral administration program.
  • HB 2660 is conservative from a nationwide comparison, yet competitive within the southwest existing programs.
  • Ten-year program
  • Twenty-five percent incentive for qualified expenditures
  • Additional five percent for wages paid to Arizona residents
  • Projects can be combined to achieve the $250,000 minimum requirement, thus  assisting local studios and production companies.
  • HB 2660 has a thirty million dollar annual cap with a ten million per project cap. A lower per project cap will allow opportunities for more medium budgeted projects, thus extending working days within our state and additional opportunities for allied businesses. This will generate more state revenue from additional projects.
  • HB 2660 does not include infrastructure tax credit or tax credit brokering. This means HB 2660 cannot be viewed as a real estate assistance bill.

We want to see the return of the industry back to Arizona. Join AFMC today!

Another bill to establish a Governor’s Office of Film and Media (SB 1098) is currently making the rounds through the Senate.

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